The Lansing Catholic High School House System forms faithful disciples of Jesus Christ by praying together, 玩在一起, SERVICE在一起, 互相关心. 


成立于2018-2019学年, the Lansing Catholic High School house system is intended to give our students a place where meaningful relationships and connections can be formed, 培养, 和培养. LCHS has four houses: 约瑟夫的房子, Tekakwitha房子, De Porres住宅, and Frassati房子. All four houses are named after Saints who are represented in our chapel. The houses provide a space within the school day for each student to be treated and known as an individual. We are confident that our four houses will give our school a place where connections can be fostered between students and staff members alike, where each person is treated with dignity and respect.


Each year, the houses compete for the coveted Great Crux trophy. The goal is to foster healthy competition while providing opportunities for growth and leadership in addition to boosting house and school pride. 分数被授予特定的学生, 组, 或是整个学院的优秀学生, SERVICE, 房子/学校精神, 体育运动, 和更多的. All Great Crux points are tallied at the end of each quarter, and the trophy is given to the house with the most points and the end of the school year following the Cougar Games.

2022-23赛季冠军:DePorres House


  • 2021-22: Tekakwitha房子
  • 2020-21: Frassati房子
  • 2019-20:由于COVID关闭,没有冠军
  • 2018-19: Frassati房子






顾客: St. 约瑟夫
颜色: 橙色
座右铭: Nos Rebus Gestis cogno稀少(拉丁文)
翻译: 让他们通过我们的行动认识我们
优点: 信仰、完整性
院长: Mr. 史蒂夫·波尔
队长: 芬恩基南



顾客: St. 凯特瑞Tekakwitha
颜色: 黄色的
座右铭: Jesos Konoronkwa(莫霍克人)
翻译: 耶稣,我爱你
优点: 不可动摇的信念和毅力
院长: Mr. 丹Spitzley
队长: 便帽Kooney


De Porres住宅

顾客: St. 马丁·德·波尔斯
颜色: 绿色
座右铭: Sirviendo a Cristo en el Pobre y Vulnerable (Spanish)
翻译: 在穷人和弱势群体中服事基督
优点: 毅力,慷慨
院长: Mr. 乍得Wenzlick
队长: 伊莎贝拉舒尔茨



顾客: Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati
颜色: 深红色
座右铭: Verso L’alto(意大利语)
翻译: 去山庄
优点: 慈善(Carita),勇气(Coraggio)
院长: Mr. 罗恩·克劳斯
队长: 摩根威尔科克斯





The house system provides a different structure of support for all of our students, giving them a place where they belong and can form meaningful relationships with one another and staff.

Where did the idea for the house system come from?

LCHS最初的想法来自 斯图本维尔方济各大学, which has been using a house system for over 40 years. We then discovered a version of the house system in one of the colleges at 密歇根州立大学, along with many other universities and high schools across the country. 默勒大主教高中, 哪家公司从2005年起就开始使用房屋系统, hosted a conference in June of 2018 about how to implement and execute a house system in high schools. A number of LCHS faculty and students attended this conference in order to learn more about the system and network with these other schools. This gave us the confidence to implement the system in the 2018-19 school year.


Overseeing the entire system is the director of houses, one staff member charged with the big picture of how the house system fits into the school at-large. Each house has a dean, responsible for the personality and well-being of an individual house. Each house is further subdivided in six rodzinka 组. 每个罗津卡都有一个教工导师, 年龄在18岁至25岁之间的学生, 是四个年级的混合吗, 是单性别的. 每栋房子还有两名罗津卡助手, staff members who help provide support to the deans and the mentors in that house.

The house system is also intended to produce student leaders, and there are many opportunities for student involvement in the structure of our houses. 学校有4名队长, one student elected from within each house to represent the entire student body. There are also 16 grade level representatives, one student elected per grade, per house. 最后, 我们有24名罗津卡代表, one student chosen from each rodzinka to represent their 小的家庭. The captains and the grade level reps work mostly with the director to work on and improve the whole system, while the rodzinka reps work more with their individual deans, focusing on their particular house and rodzinkas.

a是什么? rodzinka?

这个词 rodzinka is the name given to our small 组, taken from the life of our school patron, St. 约翰·保罗大帝. 在成为教皇之前,他是神父. Karol Wojtyła, a simple parish priest in Kraków, Poland. During his time there, he began meeting with a group of about 20 young people. They would discuss philosophy, art, the virtues, and all things related to the Catholic faith. 他们开始称自己为 rodzinka,在波兰语中的意思是 小的家庭. The rodzinka is the heart and soul of our House System. Everything we do begins and ends in this 小的家庭 and the connections that are built there provide the structure and support for our students to thrive.


We enforce the "Empty Hands Policy" for rodzinka. This means that students are not to bring anything with them, no homework, projects, devices, etc. We do this because the whole point of the House System is to give students a spot without distractions, time set aside for building friendships and connections unencumbered by anything else. Sometimes the rodzinka will have discussions on various topics, 有时他们会玩游戏, sometimes they may meet up with another rodzinka, 或者全家聚会.


不,这些是永久的社区. Even after graduating, alumni of LCHS are still considered part of their particular house. The rodzinkas are also meant to be as permanent as possible. 人员变化, 毕业生, and new students will mean that some changes happen every year, but there should be pretty low turnover from year to year within the rodzinka, 提供稳定性和一致性 小的家庭. 兄弟姐妹总是住在同一个房子里, but if they are LCHS students at the same time they will be in different rodzinkas.


Ms. 阿什利·林
学院院长 & 社会学科教师